A3: Assessment Brief


This final assessment is a continuation of assessment two, concerning the storyboard, design, and build of your app prototype, and conducting user tests. In this assessment, you are to take your research findings from assessment two and use them to inform your design decisions in building a digital prototype. The first step before jumping to prototyping is to design a storyboard depicting the user-journey flows based on two of your scenarios from assessment two. Then using your storyboard as a guide, proceed to build your digital prototype using Figma. Once your prototype is ready, you’ll then proceed to test it with 5 users, with the inclusion of an A/B split test to gauge the effectiveness of certain screens. These testing results will then be formatted and summarized in your user testing report and applied as final changes to the app prototype before submission. Finally, to end off the assessment, you’ll write and publish a blog article summarizing the steps taken in this assessment from storyboard to finished prototype and user testing. In the same fashion as assessments one and two, the blog article must be written to a professional standard, including photos, and app screenshots to accompany the written article.

Who are they?



-How the prototype started.


I conducted an interview of 5 students to test my UX design of the Goodlife Health club application.

  1. How do you see yourself using it ?
  2. Which options were the most useful ?
  3. Would it help people in your opinion ?
  4. Do you think the video call feature would be impactful ?

-A/B Split test

Here I conducted another feedback sessions among my peers for the A/B split test.

-Here are the final frames



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